Invisalign: your invisible orthodontic treatment in our office in Uccle (Brussels)

Do you want to regain a beautiful natural smile, but are you afraid of having to wear unsightly braces or uncomfortable braces? Invisalign is an invisible, non-invasive orthodontic treatment to correct misaligned teeth. It consists of a series of removable gutters which are used successively to correct the position of the teeth. This orthodontic treatment has been used more and more in recent years.

It is a kind of transparent braces, a real revolution in orthodontics. The aesthetic aspect is of course important, but good alignment of the teeth also contributes to good oral health, as well as to correct swallowing, pronunciation and chewing. Our dental surgeons are trained in this technology and will carry out a preliminary assessment at the start of treatment in order to obtain a personalized treatment plan.

How does Invisalign work?

The Invisalign treatment consists of using different successive transparent plastic aligners to correct the alignment of the teeth. Our dental surgeons first perform a virtual 3D modeling of your teeth. Aligners are then made to measure with the patient's dental impressions for optimal comfort. The patient receives them a few weeks later and follow-up visits are scheduled. The different aligners allow you to gradually put your teeth back in place. You should wear them all the time, except when eating or brushing. The duration of full treatment can range from 12 to 24 months on average. It is intended for adults and teenagers. The price of the Invisalign treatment will be determined with your dental surgeon (from 3,000 euros). It depends on your specific case and the duration of the treatment. Do not hesitate to request a quote.

Benefits of Invisalign invisible orthodontic treatment

● Virtually invisible and discreet braces
● Much more aesthetic than metal appliances
● Removable aligners
● Made to measure thanks to dental impressions
● A virtual 3-dimensional model allows you to follow the progress of the correction
● High precision: the orthodontist can analyze and predict the movement of the teeth thanks to the ClinCheck software
● Painless
● Nothing gets stuck in the device or the pins: you eat what you want
● Comfort compared to metal braces or braces that irritate gums, mucous membranes and cheeks
● Ease of follow-up: Invisalign treatment is scheduled virtually in advance and follow-up appointments are brief
● Fewer check-up visits to your dentist: your treatment is predetermined and you have several gutters in advance
● First results in just 6 months in the majority of cases

Dr. Benjamin PERELLE

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