Implantology: specialist in dental implants in Brussels

Implantology is a dental surgical specialty that concerns the placement of dental implants. It is the ideal solution to replace a tooth or several missing teeth whose root is too damaged. Dental implants are artificial roots (titanium or zirconium screws) that are installed in the jawbone, below the gumline. A minimum amount of remaining bone is therefore essential, which is verified with a 3D scan.

Dental implants are used to better fix dental prostheses, such as crowns and bridges. This specialty is not new, but surgery, technology, methods and materials have progressed a lot in recent years. The placement of dental implants requires state-of-the-art technology. To get a quote and know the exact price (from 1,000 euros), make an appointment with one of our dental implant specialists at our clinic in the south of Brussels (Uccle).

What is the difference between an implant and a prosthesis?

A dental implant is an artificial root (titanium or zirconium screw) that is inserted into the jawbone, below the gumline. The screw is hollow to allow an implant abutment to be placed there, then the dental prosthesis, such as a crown or a bridge (bridge) which replaces the missing tooth. The implant will fit perfectly into the jawbone, because its material is compatible with its tissues. However, good oral hygiene is essential after the installation for good healing. This solution is much more durable since dental implants stay in place longer than traditional prostheses. It is also more aesthetic and gives the impression of natural teeth. Our dental surgeons are trained in different techniques and will offer you the best solution for your case. The procedure is usually performed under local anesthesia for your comfort.

Many possibilities of dental implants

Your dental implant specialist at Winston Dental Clinic will advise you on the best solution for your case after a prior consultation and often a 3D scan. Here are the main possibilities of dental implants:

Single tooth replacement

If a single tooth is lost, an implant can be placed. An abutment and a crown are then placed on the implant. The main advantage over a bridge that rests on adjacent teeth is that no other teeth need to be trimmed

Replacement of several teeth

In case of loss of several teeth, several implants are placed (sometimes less than the number of missing teeth). An abutment is placed on each implant. A bridge (bridge) is then placed on the pillars.

Replacement of all teeth with a removable prosthesis

In the case of a complete removable prosthesis, implants can provide more stability.

Replacement of all teeth with a fixed prosthesis

If a removable prosthesis is not desired, it is possible to place implants onto which a complete fixed prosthesis is screwed.

Dr. Benjamin PERELLE

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